Doula Services in NYC

If you are interested in learning more about me and my services, contact me for a free consultation!  Once hired as your doula, I provide: 1 prenatal visit

  • We will review basic childbirth education (including the anatomy and physiology of birth and understanding hospital policies)
  • Discuss and complete your birth plan and clarify expectations
  • Discuss pain management techniques to use during labor and birth
Unlimited phone and email availability

24-hour on-call availability from 37 weeks until you go into labor
Back-up doula availability

Continuous labor and immediate postpartum support, including help initiating breastfeeding

1 postpartum visit

Referrals to other providers for additional services (Childbirth Education, Midwives, Lactation Specialists, Massage Therapists, Mother Blessings, Naming Ceremonies, etc…)


Doula support for LGBTQ families; proficient in Portuguese and Spanish

I bring the following to your birth:

Birth ball & a chux pad cover
Hot/cold therapy
Sucking candy
Infused oils for massage and aromatherapy
Herbal tea
Love, patience and unconditional support
Feel free to call me to discuss fees and to arrange an interview: 347-541-8295

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