Who is the Yoruba Doula?

I am a DONA International certified labor doula, and a certified HypnoBirthing doula in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Melissa Oliver, CD(DONA)

My partner and I began thinking of expanding our family in 2009. We researched the kind of birth we wanted when a friend coincidentally suggested watching The Business of Being Born.

Not only were we inspired to plan for a homebirth with a midwife and doula, but I was inspired to become a doula after watching the documentary. I was enthralled by the integral role that these selfless women played in the lives of families as they grew. No more than two weeks after seeing the documentary, I registered for a DONA doula training.

I completed DONA training in June 2009, and studied with an amazing doula and Childbirth Educator, Celeste Rachelle;I received DONA certification in September 2010. In February 2010 I certified as a HypnoBirthing Birth Doula with Dr. Morrin Bass, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and plan on becoming a Certified Childbirth Educator with CAPPA in the summer of 2010.

My experience as a labor doula includes supporting natural birth, inductions, medicated vaginal birth, cesarean birth, and water birth. I provide labor support at home, in a hospital or birthing center in Queens, Nassau County, and parts of Brooklyn. I also assist home births in Manhattan and the Bronx. I look forward to joining you on your journey to motherhood!


12 responses to “Who is the Yoruba Doula?

  1. do you know if there are courses like this in Brazil? I am also part of candomblé (ketu gantois) and I would really like to find out more about doula work…

    • Motumbá Ketu!! I love running into candomblecistas online 😉 I don’t know what trainings are available in Brazil, but I’m sure something must exist in Rio and maybe Sampa. If you’re on Orkut, there are doula groups and Parto Humanizado groups where I’m sure you could find out how to connect with the birthing community down there. Oxum abençõe!!

    • Axé Marsonoro,
      You can contact me, I´m a doula, childbirth educator and holistic therapist in Brazil. I also serve expat moms and dads who are having a baby in Brazil.

      Alessandra Godinho

  2. I love your blog!
    Thanks for so much great info and I’m looking forward to following you.

  3. Hi do you of anyone that does placenta encapsulation…thanks

  4. Hi Melissa!! I’m adriana zamora from Mexico City. Do you remember me ? Please contact me.

  5. Oi Alex! Que bom saber do seu trabalho no Brazil! Sou de Sao PAulo, eu vivo aqui nos EUA, sou psicologa, educadora e doula com International Center for Traditional Childbearing (founded by an African Black midwife). Atualmente estou estudando para formarme como PPNE Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Educator. Estou encantada com seu trabalho ai em Belo Horizonte! Conheco doulas em Rio Preto (SP), do grupo Parto Natural em Rio Preto. Aqui, no Oregon, criamos o Doulas Latinas International – sao mulheres/maes Latinas qiue atendem maes Latinas de varios paises, ma que vivem aqui. Estamos no Facebook. Seria muito bom estarmos em contacto para uma evento, que eu gostaria de criar aqui com as Doulas Latinas, midwives, Childbirth Educators e PPNEs. E podemos fazer ai tambme em BH! Um abraco com carinho a voce e todas que trabalham com voce ai! Sandra Hernandes.

  6. Hi Melissa! I am Sandra Hernandes, from Brazil. I am sorry I wrote everything in Portuguese, because I thought at Alex blog!? 🙂 Anyways, I am also extremely happy with your work in NYC and loved the name Youruba Doula. One of my best friends and mentor here is Shafia Monroe, a Black Midwife who is originally from Boston. She is my inspiration to have become a doula, and that took me to create Doulas Latinas International here in Oregon. As I told Alex, I would love to have a Doulas & Midwives & PPNEs event (similar to what Ms. Shafia have done around the country for over 10 years!), here and hopefully in Brazil too. And have you too participating. I am connected with many doulas around the country, and now I am seeking to connect with them in Brazil too, and of course, hopefully, from Africa countries, besides Mexico. Well, so many plans and dreams. But we should work to make them a reality. Thank you so much for sharing the great work you are doing over there! Warm hug, Sandra.

    • Ola Sandra tudo bem! Também falo português rsrs. The work you’re doing sounds amazing and Shafia Monroe is awesome! I haven’t worked as a doula in several years…life took different turns for me, but I’d love to stay updated with what you’re doing and pass the word along. A friend of mine who is also a midwife who practiced in Brasil for some time is doing similar work. Check her out on Facebook Soul Weaver is her page. Bjs

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