Breastfeeding Beneficial for Brain Development

For “Breast is Best” enthusiasts, this Australian study is nothing new.  However, for those still sitting on the fence about the benefits of breastfeeding, here’s further evidence that highlights why formula just doesn’t measure up.

According to an Australian study that followed 1,038 breastfed babies, boys performed better on standardized assessments testing skills in mathematics, reading, writing and spelling at age 10.  The youngsters were from a controlled family group for mother’s age, education, marital status, family income and other factors; they were exclusively breastfed for 6 months, attributing to their superior performance in all 4 academic skills.

Although exclusive breastfeeding had no effect on girls’ academic performance in this particular trial (we’ve always known that females are naturally intelligent, no?), the study, “add[s] to the strong evidence that breast-feeding as long as possible is beneficial for child health,” said Dr. Oddy, lead author and associate professor of nutrition at the University of Western Australia.

Read more here from The New York Times


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