Spirituality and Doula Work

A few months ago, I met with a sister doula who was very interested in the “Yoruba” aspect of my business. She asked, “So, what’s Yoruba about your doula work?”  To me, the answer to that question had always been obvious.  It’s not that my doula work is Yoruba, specifically, but that everything that I do is influenced by my spiritual beliefs.

That doesn’t mean that I introduce myself to potential clients as an Oshun initiate and Candomble practitioner; truth is, most people have no idea what that means.  However, the ashé (life-force energy) of Oshun is within me, and those with whom I come into contact benefit from her ashé without effort on my behalf, and without cognizance on theirs. I think the sister doula was looking for more bells and whistles; did I sing and pray during labor, or perform divination for the families.  I don’t proselytize.

On interviews, I do tell prospective clients that I believe that childbirth is a spiritual event, but don’t elaborate unless asked.  It’s absolutely amazing to me that our bodies are so intelligent that they know exactly what to do and when to make it happen while in the womb.  Equally amazing, however, is the fact that as adults we often forget our natural design, and fail to see the divine in each other.

I’ve been a part of conversations with other doulas who wear their religion and spirituality on their sleeves with their clients, whether or not their clients share the same beliefs.  That’s simply not my cup of tea.  My role as a doula is to mother the mother, to provide her with information so she can make informed decisions, and help her navigate her way through the beginning stages of motherhood.  My role is not to minister, although I do offer à la cart spiritual services should clients have an interest.

Tarot Readings

I’ve been using divination through card reading for 15 years.  This service is available to couples, individuals, and their newborn.  My divination practice is unique in that not only will clients find out what is happening around them, but they will be given the tools to keep positive energy close and negative energy at bay. 


Reiki is an amazing form of healing that directs our life-force energy by the laying on of hands.  As a certified Reiki Practitioner, both the healing powers of Reiki and the ashé of Oshun are at work when I use Reiki with a client.  Reiki is great preparation for moms leading up to labor; prenatally it can be used to clear any energetic blockages that mom may not even know she has, therefore making for a smoother labor and birthing experience.

House Cleansing/Blessing

House cleansing spiritually removes negativity from your home and replaces it with positive, welcoming energy.  This practice is particularly essential to the family that is laboring or birthing at home.  The cleansing prepares your space to be spiritually welcoming to your new baby.


2 responses to “Spirituality and Doula Work

  1. hey, it’s so great to hear that there are people like you in the world! my aunt is involved with doula work in brazil, I wish she would read what you are saying… asé osun, all the best.

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